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Available on june 15th 2018, "I Am Machine" is the transformation of an average human being into a do-it-all super machine. Neeq fires up the track with high speed flows & lyrics, drifting you into the world of the 'Fast and Furious' filled with actions scenes set to make your heart pump!

Believe it or not, during the filming of "I Am Machine" , a serious injury kept Neeq off his feet for over 6 months! But being the super machine he is, Neeq reconstructed stronger than ever and is back with what could be his toughest and fastest song yet!

''After 1 re-production (Jhay Cabrera Ben Wood) 2 re-recordings, 2 heel injuries (done on video shoot ), 1 epic video shoot day (Carl Allison) and having so many people involved on this project, THIS is by far the most hours I've ever put on one song! = Worth It!''🎶

Art by: MefDesigns


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